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We are so grateful for the generosity of our donors and alumni. Attending St. Anthony School is an investment in a child’s future. Our alumni share how the knowledge, values, and morals they learned during their time here have guided them through life’s journey, shaping them into the successful individuals they are today. They credit their time at St. Anthony School for providing them with a strong foundation that has helped them navigate the challenges of the world with confidence and integrity.

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Ann (Althoff) Mayer

Class of 1969

Back in the ’60s, when I walked the halls, there was an expectation to follow a set of ethics and morals. We were taught to do the right thing and treat others as you wished to be treated. These expectations were reinforced by the receipt and practice of the sacraments, and lived out in our families and extended family, our St. Anthony Catholic Community. For me, these were the foundation and building blocks of my faith, which have carried over into my everyday life and parish life in my home parish in St. Louis.

Sarah (Vogt) Geen

Class of 1997

Our students learn to display values such as gratitude, sacrifice, forgiveness, trust, faith, determination, and strong work ethic. These values cannot be taught in a classroom alone; children need to see them used in life events, which is what the St. Anthony schools offer. St. Anthony students learn daily, either through religion class or weekly Mass, that God is the leader they must follow through life. St. Anthony students proudly show their faith and character throughout the community. These characteristics have led many past and present St. Anthony students to become proactive members in our communities now and in the future years to come.

Shae (Westendorf) Thoele

High School Faculty Since 2008
Class of 2004

As an alumna of St. Anthony, I feel connected to the past and present graduates and supporters or our school. I feel a calling to support the school so that it can continue for centuries to come. For those who may ask if an education from St. Anthony is worth the investment, my response is YES! There are sacrifices that Catholic school faculty and staff make because they love what they do and who they serve. As a parent, I’m investing in the adults who will support, teach, and love my children from Pre-K to graduation.

Claire (Koerner) Hakman

Class of 2006

I have many fond memories of my time as a St. Anthony student. Some of those memories are simple yet have stayed with me since then, which include daily laughs and lunches with friends, being fortunate to be on competitive sports teams, and holiday-themed dress up days. There are other memories which laid a life foundation for me, including receiving a fantastic education grounded in curriculum across several subjects, learning about my Catholic faith, and the focus that the school put on volunteering your time and talents. The education, faith and design principles in giving back to the communities in which you’re a part of are pillars that St. Anthony taught me that have become the foundation for how I strive to live my life (and how I hope to teach my children to do the same). I also reflect on the great relationships that I still have with friends, teachers, and staff at St. Anthony. For me, St. Anthony was more than just a school but rather a community that has been a constant in my life. I am so grateful for that.

Benton Hakman & Madeline (McDevitt) Hakman

Class of 2014 & 2015

Madeline and I were both very heavily involved athletes. We both look back at specific games or competitions and recognize the time, effort and focus it took to get there. We both carried that focus into our collegiate and professional lives. One of the things that is so special about attending St. Anthony is that we know it will always pay long-term benefits. Once you enter that world outside of Effingham, students quickly realize the educational and professional advantages they were given by attending St. Anthony High School. It was easier to enter the collegiate or professional world with the high expectations we had while in school.

John Keenan

Class of 1956

I knew I had teachers and coaches who were truly interested in my well-being and success. Students are taught significant life values that are applicable in everyday life. I am proud of my education at St. Anthony and support it progress financially. I hope it continues as a “prep school” for life and for students on their way to college.

Greg Green

Colonel, USAF Retired
Class of 1988

Aside from an outstanding college-prep curriculum and varied athletic and arts opportunities, the true value of a St. Anthony education is its culture and strong moral compass. I’ve been very fortunate to have traveled all over the world and met people with varied upbringings. I’m 100% convinced that one of the major differentiators of life success is the environment of your early upbringing and the friends you surround yourself with during those formative years. The moral compass of a Catholic upbringing forms a conscience that gives one the best chances to foster a successful life. The collective group of kids who attend St. Anthony comes from parents who also appreciate the nurturing, somewhat protected environment that best guides positive outcomes in all realms of life… mental, spiritual, and physical.

Gina (Tegenkamp) Gardewine

Grade School Faculty Since 1998
Class of 1982

St. Anthony has been an important part of my family for five generations, soon to be six. It was important to my great grandparents, grandparents, parents, and me to send our children to St. Anthony, where they will grow in faith, academics, and all the extracurricular activities that St. Anthony provides for their students.


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